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For press reports from Staude’s lifetime and after, catalogues and the video-film STAUDE (the painter’s life in 12 minutes, a colour film by Folco Terzani), please contact angela@staude.it
Catalogue of the Staude-exhibition at Palazzo Pitti (Hans-Joachim Staude, Florence 1996).
In Italian. 90 plates (colour and b/w), the painter’s biography with 15 photographs, and an essay on Staude’s art, Staude e l’Italia, by Susanna Ragionieri
Catalogue of the Staude-exhibitions in Berlin and Hamburg (Hans-Joachim Staude, Paintings
and Pastels
, 2001). Available both in German and English. 100 colour plates, the painter’s biography with 17 photographs, and an essay on Staude’s art, Der langsame Blick, with 21 colour reproductions, by Thomas Baumeister
Catalogue of the Galerie Norbert Blaeser (Hans-Joachim Staude, 1904-1973, Duesseldorf 2000).
In German. With 10 colour plates and texts by Giovanni Colacicchi and Thomas Baumeister

Staude: Il ciclo delle Cascine, by Francesco Vossilla, in Bollettino della Societa’ di Studi
fiorentini, Anno 1998, n. 3. In Italian

The Press

On the occasion of the last large exhibitions, the press has reported extensively on Staude’s re-discovery and his role within the Italian and European art of the 20th century.

"Staude took Cézanne just as seriously as he took Giotto or Hans von Marées. Through these he became something of a wizard - and a highly independent one - in the play of colour and form, thus redeeming the art-historical value of the word 'brilliant'. "
Tilman Spengler, Die Woche, Hamburg, May 1996

"The Rome seen by Staude is stupendous. Cezanne’s lesson has now been forgotten. Now it is Staude who is the master, it is him who teaches a lesson."
Costanzo Costantini, Il Messaggero, Rome, March 1996