A look at the lighthouse of San Giorgio Maggiore
And at the venue of the event
At the Cini Foundation Pastel on paper, 1971

“Hans-Joachim Staude and the Art of the Italian Novecento”

Giorgio Cini Foundation
Venice, Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore
Exhibition (18. – 22. November 2015)
and Scientific Conference (18. – 19. November 2015)
Curated by Francesco Poli and Elena Pontiggia

The artist has not yet been included in the recent revival of the Return to order, an art movement in which we can place Staude, albeit remaining independent and with his own specific approach. This surely implies a loss, not just in terms of an adequate recognition of the artist’s oeuvre, but also with regards to a complete panorama of the period.
The retrospective presented here, curated by Francesco Poli and Elena Pontiggia, will also investigate this aspect, placing Staude firmly in his period. Around twenty-six paintings chosen from the most significant stages of his work will be exhibited. There will be reference to earlier exhibitions – in particular to the important one in the Palazzo Pitti in Florence (1996) – with an in-depth analysis of his artistic expression. His hitherto unpublished writings and documents will illustrate his theoretical and cultural background.
A key element of the exhibition will be the conference with the participation of the most well known experts on the period.

The catalogue of the exhibition, the programme of the conference and other materials can be downloaded here.

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